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About Fuzion

Greetings from Raj. This is the section of where we tell you a bit about ourselves and how Fuzion was born. Fuzion was developed by a small group of Guyanese people living in America who saw a need for a website that would promote Guyanese culture and products. We are after all only as strong as we are united. Our mission is to create a place where Guyanese people from across the globe can come together to exchange ideas, to meet people, or to find products or services that they may not be able to get where they live. Fuzion was an idea that we had been discussing for over two years and was finally born on October 29, 2001. We see this as a site for the people by the people. If there is anything else you would like to see on the site. Just email us and let us know. We will consider all requests and respond to all questions you have.

Thank You for Visiting

Raj Singh





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