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November 16th 2001
"Excellent ideas. Keep up the good work." - Beeshan
"Can U PLEASE do something about the obscene language used on Auntie Leela's Martchmaker site!!It is really disgusting to see some of the things supposed Adults write.Thanks." - Maria
Keep up the "good work" - Bisram
"It is certainly a good thing you are doing." - BSam
November 13th 2001
"Very good site." - Carmen, UK
November 11th 2001
"Dude, three chicks wrote to me already in less than 10 hours. Go Raj!!" - Ravi, Queens NY
November 8th 2001
"Fellow Guyanese living in MD just wanted to let you know information is good." - Eunica
"I think the web site is very interesting and one of the best so far. " - Jamal
"I enjoyed visiting your site. It is very informative. Keep up the good work." - Nehru - California
"Let me congratulate you on the tremendous job you have done to the Fuzion website. Good work." PT - Canada
November 5th 2001
"Great site! Keep up the good job. Thank you."
- Kavita - CT
"Good site. I really enjoyed the piece on Muslims in Guyana, and the history. I am trying to trace my roots back, but have had no luck. I wonder if you could provide me with some good sources, or links to other history sites". - J Ali
"It's very informative and badly needed, especially for Guyanese who do not live in the New York/New Jersey area!" - Mala
"I would like to wish you and your team the best of luck and hope that this site continues to get better and better. Very best regards to you all Cleve-Zaragoza.Spain Ps: Are there any other Guyanese living in Spain ??? " If anyone knows.. please e-mail Cleve-Zaragoza
November 1st 2001
"Congrats!!! This is great" - Randy
October 3 1st 2001
"Cool Site !!!"


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