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Featured Spot - The Beergarden
The beergarden is where "cutters a nak daag"
It is located at 106-05 101 ave
phone:718- 805 3891

Brown Betty 129-06 Liberty Av South Rh Hl 323-6438

Blue Dolphin 128-10/12 641-2400

Chun Feng Restaurant

Darbhars Halal Fried Chicken 126-09

Kaieteur Express Restaurant 120-04 Liberty Av South Rh Hl 323-8748

Liberty Bell Restrnt Inc 120-20 Liberty Av Rh Hl 843-8139

Liberty Restaurant W.I. & Guyana Style 129-12

Mario Restaurant 123-03 Liberty Av Rh Hl 845-2422

Red Robin Restaurant 128-12 Liberty South Rh Hl 641-8080

Richie's Roti Shop Inc 118-06 Liberty Av South Rh Hl 835-7255

Singh's Roti Shop 131-14 323-5990

St John's Restaurant 118-14 Liberty Av South Rh Hl 322-5200

Sybil's 132-17 835-9235

Tung Hing Kitchen 125-18 Liberty Av Rh Hl 845-5815

Universal Halal Cuisine 128-16 848-4038

Bars and Liquor Stores:

Williams Bar & Pool Room 126-04

La Caridad Liquor 738-0437

Blue Dolphin 128-10/12 641-2400

Ascot Wine & Liquor 124-04 Liberty Av Rh Hl 843-6668

F & J Liquors 125-20 Liberty Av Rh Hl 738-0822

Max Bar 125-04 Liberty Av Rh Hl 843-9588

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